About Solar on Earth

We are the “one stop shop” across all solar solutions.

Our expertise has no limits in developing solar, whether it is wind or shading issues, solar panel placement or install inquiry, or even rental or leasing constraints. We work well beyond the composite shingle model, and have multiple solar solutions beyond rooftop; including carports, ground mounts, and community solar farms.

As leading developers in the solar industry, our focus is centered on taking opportunities out of the idea phase and into the project implementation stage. We have unparalleled and unrivaled development capabilities, along with in-depth skills and solution based partnerships and industry leaders. We have access to all solar solutions, which go beyond rooftop, into virtual and deregulated markets with virtual net metering.

Who We Are

Solar on Earth

Solar On Earth (SOE) was formed in 2015 around seasoned solar veterans from among the largest solar installer companies in the United States. Experience isn’t cliché at SOE, it’s mandatory! Our team of seasoned professionals take pride in educating our customers. Our operations officer has supervised over 10,000 photo-voltaic solar installations all over New England and New York. Our lead site surveyor has surveyed over 4,000 roofs. Our designers have Masters degrees in Solar Design, and our CEO was the driving force behind the explosive growth with two of the largest solar installers.

Suffice to say, Solar On Earth, is more than “just another solar company”, Solar On Earth is solar.