Community Solar

Community Solar

Have you been told you can’t go solar?
Own a business but you don’t own the building?
Aren’t fond of having equipment on your facility?
Want instant and guaranteed savings? At no cost to you!

Solar = Savings, Each and Every Month

Equipment-less solar is your solution! Massachusetts is one of only a handful of states that allow a business owner to benefit from solar that someone else has developed in a completely different location from their own facility. It’s called a “solar farm”. A solar farm is an exclusive, no-cost membership. This is possible through virtual net metering, which allows a commercial customer (any business that pays their electric bill) to earn net metering bill credits against your monthly utility bill, saving you anywhere from 10% to as much as 20% off your electric expense. This savings is each and every month!

Benefits of Community Solar

You’re going Green.

The source of your electricity is now generated by a solar farm located in your utility load zone rather than a coal plant.

Have a 3rd party supplier… that’s great, keep them! A 3rd party supplier simply purchases coal in bulk and passes on a short term savings on only the supply portion of your bill. Equipment-less solar becomes your power plant, generating you energy in a field and because we’re generating the energy we can pass on the saving to our customers entire utility bill, not just a portion.

Savings are cumulative! As utility rates rise, and time has proven they do, the value of our savings increase year after year!

Equipment-less! There will never be any be one piece of equipment installed on your property.

No costs! Ever!!

This is a straight savings program with no out of pocket expenses.

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