Residential Solar Services

Talk to any home owner and they’ll tell you that cutting expenses equates to more choices. Our job at Solar on Earth is to take a customer from not knowing to knowing. Our consultants will show you what’s best for your particular situation. As an authorized dealer for Sunpower Corporation, Solar On Earth will offer each homeowner unprecedented quality equipment, installation, service and financing options that best suit the customer, rather than the installation company.

Sunpower is the only company on the market whose company has been around longer than the warranty!

Benefits of Residential Solar

Industry standard is to only offer a lease product where your solar company simply lowers your utility rate with a yearly escalation. Sure it’s easy, fast, and will save you on average 30% of your utility bill. That may be a great benefit to you, but what if there was another option?

At SOE we will show you all the benefits. For instance if you purchase a system it’s possible we can eliminate your utility bill, connect you with Massachusetts incentives and rebates that not only pay for most of your system, but can actually allow you make money between your savings and incentives. Not only that, but the Federal government will provide you a 30% tax credit. It’s like an IRS gift card! Can’t use the tax credit because you have no tax liability? That’s fine too, we’ll show you to take that benefit and incorporate into your own solar purchase! An educated customer is a better customer!

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