Financing Options

From not knowing to knowing

Most solar installers narrow your decision to one choice, however that doesn’t always benefit the consumer. At SOE, we pride ourselves on educating our customers on giving them true “options” that best fit their needs. Solar On Earth made its mission to offer a full range of solar adoption options:

  • A solar power system purchase, often with special solar lending programs. This option offers by-far the greatest savings. In most cases, the buyer is given more money monthly in incentives and savings than even a short-term loan payment would cost. For loan programs, in Massachusetts, some buyers qualify for extra-special loan terms through the Mass Solar Loan program.
  • A solar power-purchase agreement (PPA), in which an investor buys the system for your property and you pay the investor for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) unit of energy that the solar power system produces, offered a low, low kWh rate, in some cases with a fixed rate for 20 years. (Now let’s laugh while we imagine our grid power company ever offering that to us.)
  • A solar lease. Similar to a PPA, but the monthly solar lease bill is flattened to reflect the expected total annual billing averaged evenly over each 12 months of billing. This is great for people on tight budgets who want to know exactly what their bill will be each month.
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