Maine Community Solar Program

Bringing Solar Down to Earth

Program Details

• The program costs you nothing. There are no sign-up or application costs and there are zero monthly fees.
• You save 10% on the credit that is applied to your CMP bill. The credit reduces what you have to pay CMP directly. You repay 90% of the credit a month later and keep the 10% savings. For example: If you receive a $200 credit to your CMP bill, you would pay back $180.
• Your delivery or supply electric rates are not affected in any way. The solar developer does not become your supplier or ESCO.
• With proper notice you may opt-out of the program anytime and there is no cancellation fee.
• If you stay in the program your 10% discount is locked in for 20 years.
• Solar farms require a significant financial investment. That’s why you must qualify for the program and agree to a personal guarantee. To verify your qualifications we run a soft credit check on either the person that is applying or if a business, on the business owners or principals.
• You will receive a second bill each month for the solar credits that you receive.
• The repayment of the credit is required to be done via autopayment( checking or savings). A sister bank account may be used and funded through a transfer. You have notified a minimum of 10 days before the exact amount of the withdrawal.

How this program works

• The Maine community solar program is approved and overseen by the Public Utilities Commission of Maine:
• Community Solar is a significant part of Maine’s renewable energy efficiency drive. Read more:
• Forty states have at least one community solar project on-line and 19 states have specific policies and programs to promote the adoption of community solar (source: Solar Energy Industry Association- SEIA). Additional information is available at the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy:
• The program is available to both qualified residential and business customers regardless of their size or whether they own their property. That’s because nothing is installed or changed. It is all a billing arrangement.

Why do we do it this way?

 Developers are offering community solar to individuals and businesses instead of selling their power to the utility companies/grid because they receive tax credits and because they receive 90% of the utility value vs if they sold it to the grid. They make more per kilowatt. They are not doing this out of the kindness of their own heart. 


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