What Makes Solar On Earth Different

We’re a “one stop shop” for solar solutions

Helping You Go Solar

The mission of Solar On Earth is to broaden the adoption and benefits of solar energy to everyone by expanding awareness of emerging solutions.


  • Customers before profits
  • Focus on opportunities not obstacles
  • Contribute to making renewable energy the norm
  • Integrity
  • Merit-driven reward
  • Work hard, play hard


Achieving our vision starts with people who are driven to succeed but also possess a willingness to help their colleagues succeed. We are passionate about growing our company the right way – by making decisions driven by ethics and integrity. We reward merit and contribution. And first and foremost is educating and doing right by the customer regardless of whether it results in financial gain.

Find the Right Solar Solution for You

Most solar companies offer a single solution. That means those companies need to fit you into their business model. At Solar On Earth we offer an array of solutions. We take a consultative approach to determine what works best for you, even if it means recommending you go with another vendor.

Not long ago that that single-minded approach worked because the only way to participate in the solar market was to buy a system or lease your rooftop. However, buying requires a significant upfront investment and lease options typically span 20 years. That’s not to say either isn’t right for you. But today, a third option exists: community solar. With community solar whether you own or rent, you may be eligible to leverage the financial savings and environmental benefits of solar without investing anything or installing anything on your property.

Still, if purchasing a solar system is your best option, our operations team will evaluate your home or business location to assess whether a rooftop, ground mount or carport system makes the most sense. And we’ll analyze factors such as shading, wind, and roof conditions to optimize the placement of the solar panels. If purchasing a system isn’t the right fit, we’ll guide you through the investment-free options including community solar and leasing.

Leaders in the field of community solar

Based an hour outside of Boston Massachusetts, Solar On Earth (SOE) was formed in 2015 by seasoned solar veterans who were on the forefront in recognizing the opportunity community solar offered. In four short years we have expanded our presence to multiple states and have assisted virtually all the top solar developers in acquiring subscribers for their solar farms.

The experience to identify the best choice for you

Practically every company boasts decades of experience in their field. But experience is only valuable if it’s applied in the proper fashion. At SOE we leverage our experience to help educate our customers. We go beyond strictly solar by reviewing our customer’s overall energy costs to see if other savings may be available to them. This customer-centric focus combined with our ability to offer multiple solutions makes Solar On Earth uniquely qualified to assist those considering solar.