Developer Relationship with Solar On Earth

Successful community solar programs are the result of competent developers partnering with Solar On Earth to acquire and onboard high value, credit worthy subscribers.

Everyone Benefits:
Developers: the first benefit is an increase in the value of your solar farm, the second benefit is an increase in the rate of return by leveraging community solar incentives. Subscribers benefit from the 20 years of community solar credits.

What separates us from the other acquisition companies?

  • We devote time up front to analyze markets and identify high-value, creditworthy prospects
  • We have invested in developing a skilled sales support team to help maximize process flow and enhance sales efficiencies
  • We gain the trust of our subscribers by taking a holistic customer-centered approach. This includes assisting them with energy needs beyond community solar
  • SOE is adept at identifying unique opportunities fitting regulatory criteria
  • Thoughtful analysis and forecasting. Practically every company in the community solar acquisition market claims the ability to deliver megawatts of subscribers. Sadly, few can make good on their promises. SOE takes a strategic versus a transactional approach to every assignment and strives to develop long-term relationships with our partners. To that end, we work diligently to not over-promise but rather develop accurate acquisition forecasts

Value Add Service

  • Specialize in customer acquisition: residential, small-to-medium commercial and, anchor account acquisition 
  • Replacement customer acquisition for operational projects
  • Customer-facing services and support to the first bill
  • Resulting in high value, high retention customer satisfaction!

Timing challenges in an already complex and challenging initiative

One of the many challenges in solar farm development with achieving community solar designation is when to acquire subscribers. Too early or too late impacts the financial rate of return and subscriber retention. Solar On Earth works with developers to meet their offtake strategy to optimize the rate of return, not make subscribers wait too long and service subscribers until the farm is turned on!


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