Developer Relationship with Solar On Earth

Successful community solar programs are the result of competent developers partnering with Solar On Earth to acquire and onboard high value, credit worthy subscribers.

Everyone Benefits:
Developers: the first benefit is an increase in the value of your solar farm, the second benefit is an increase in the rate of return by leveraging community solar incentives. Subscribers benefit from the 20 years of community solar credits.



Designs, builds, operates and maintains the Community Solar development and deployment.


The developer works with Solar On Earth to acquire informed subscribers and to manage them through first credits.


Participate in the Community Solar project by purchasing solar power (kW) from the project in return for credits on their electricity bill.


Provides billing credits to subscribers for their share of electricity generated from the Community Solar project.

Solar On Earth by the Numbers

Megwatts Acquired*

Subscribed Accounts*

  • Over 350 Megawatts of community solar acquisition in all markets, May 2022
  • Over 9700 Community Solar subscribers sign up as of May 2022
  • Less than 1% cancellation rate for engaged partners 

Churn Mitigation & The Subscriber’s Journey

Educated and informed subscribers, with a positive onboarding experience, result in a solar farm’s revenue stream for the next 20 years! This enhances the solar farm’s financial return by filling their farms with high-retention, high-value subscribers.

Solar On Earth maintains a top-down commitment to building a base of well-informed, loyal, and long-term subscribers for each and every developer. We leverage our proven direct-to-consumer approach, creating a positive and engaging experience with an emphasis on a Quality Acquisition that is both effective and profitable for the long-term.

What separates us from the other acquisition companies?

  • Thoughtful analysis and forecasting. Practically
    every company in the community solar acquisition
    market claims the ability to deliver megawatts of
    subscribers. Sadly, few make good on that promise.
    SOE takes a strategic versus a transactional
    approach to every assignment and strives to
    develop long-term relationships with our partners.
    To that end, we work diligently to not over-promise
    but rather develop accurate acquisition forecasts.
  • SOE devotes time upfront to analyze markets and
    identify high-value, credit worthy prospects. For
    example: we subscribed a 22 MW portfolio of tier 2
    subscribers with an average FICO score of 771.
  • SOE has invested in developing a skilled sales
    support team to help maximize process flow and
    enhance sales efficiencies.
  • SOE gains the trust of our subscribers by taking
    a holistic customer-centered approach. This
    includes assisting them with energy needs beyond
    community solar.
  • SOE is adept at identifying unique opportunities
    fitting regulatory criteria.
  • SOE handles customer support questions until the
    subscriber has been on-boarded by the utility.
  • Effective quality acquisition. Acquisition with onboarding
    and customer service that yields high
    retention of high value, credit worthy subscribers
    for Community Solar projects.

Our Investment in Quality Acquisition

Solar On Earth has dedicated sales support and customer service teams which supports, monitors, and oversees all internal sales administrative and customer support processes.
The sales support team coordinates all internal activities, communicating individually with each representative to keep them abreast on the status of their accounts. Specific responsibilities include contract validation, subscriber follow-up from contract signing to first bill, and problem resolution.
SOE’s customer service team provides post sale follow-up and customer satisfaction services. Both teams are adaptable in working with various systems and CRMs, and all subscriber data is secured internally and Solar On Earth never shares this data with any outside entity.


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