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Community Solar

Want instant and guaranteed savings? At no cost to you!

Solar = Savings, Each and Every Month


You’re Going Green

Some or all of your electricity is now generated by a solar farm within your utility load zone rather than a plant that burns fossil fuels like coal or oil.


Save Money Year After Year

Savings are cumulative. As utility rates rise – and time has proven they do – the value of our savings increase year after year.


Equipment-less Savings

No equipment necessary. Not one piece of equipment needs to be installed on your property to take advantage of the dollar savings from community solar.


Have a 3rd Party Provider? No Problem

If you have a 3rd party supplier… that’s great, keep them! You can take advantage of community solar and still continue to enjoy the savings that a 3rd party supplier offers on the supply portion of your bill. Because community solar generates energy in the field, we can pass on the savings to our customer’s entire utility bill, not just a portion.

How Does Community Solar Work?

Community solar is your solution! Because Massachusetts is at the forefront of solar energy, business owners and residential customers can financially benefit from solar facilities developed in independent locations within your utility load zone known as “solar farms.” Community solar allows qualified applicants to become exclusive, no-cost members. This is made possible through virtual net metering, which allow commercial and residential customers who pay an electric bill to earn net metering bill credits against their monthly utility bill. You can save you as much as 10% off your electric expense each and every month without any upfront investment!

5 Year Workmanship Guarantee

We offer our customers a 5 year workmanship guarantee. Solar on Earth maintains every system we install and we make sure that every system is operating at peak efficiency. We offer free maintenance for the first 5 years.

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