Generate Revenue from Your Unused Land

Go green by leasing your land, parking lot, or rooftop

Does your property qualify? The answer is: That depends.

Solar Farms

Solar farms can be designed on parcels as small as one acre and as large as 100 acres or more. Due to land values they are usually located in rural areas. Solar farms go through a rigorous planning procedure before being approved. During this process issues such as site sustainability, potential area impact, and relevant renewable energy targets are considered.

Whether your particular parcel is suited for a solar Installation will depend upon the cost of development and the amount of power that can be generated. Factors that often determine cost and power output include:

  • Parcel size
  • The existence of wetlands, slope, soil conditions, or other issues that complicate the construction and design
  • Amount of south-facing sun
  • Distance to power lines
  • Grid capacity in your location
  • Characteristics of abutting parcels

Rooftop and Carports

The planning and construction process for rooftop and carport projects is not nearly as complex as with solar farms. Of course, these systems tend to be smaller in size and are dependent upon many of the same issues as solar farms. The difference is they are more sensitive to fluctuations in construction and design costs because they inherently produce less power.

In the case of rooftops the type and condition of your roof is a critical decision factor. With carports, because of the additional structural costs, the size of the system that can be constructed and traffic flow requirements play a key role.

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