Residential Solar Services

Ever talk to a homeowner that wan’t interested in lowering their utility costs? What most people don’t realize is that almost everyone can access the cost-saving benefits of solar. That’s because today there are an array of options.

Our job is to take a customer from not knowing to knowing. Our Solar Specialists can guide you through the process of determining which solar solution is best for your particular situation. We do this because at Solar On Earth we believe that an educated customer is our best customer.

If owning a system is right for you, our operations team can help design the optimum system for your location and budget. We offer a variety of quality equipment, installation, service, and financing options to meet your specific needs. But if investing in a solar system isn’t the best choice, our team can review investment-free options such as community solar and system leasing.

Benefits of Owning Residential Solar

The standard in the solar industry has been to offer a lease product. This is where the solar company installs a leased system on your roof and sells you the power generated by that system through a power purchase agreement or PPA. Typically, these agreements include yearly increases or escalators to the price of the electricity. This is what companies like Tesla (formerly Solar City) and Vivant promote. This option is relatively easy and can save you about 30% on your utility bill.

In some cases that may be the best option. But what if it isn’t? At Solar On Earth we will explain the pros and cons of all the existing solar alternatives.

For instance, if you purchase a system it’s possible that you could eliminate your utility bill all together. Additionally, we show you how the Massachusetts incentives and rebates can not only pay for a large portion of your system, but may actually allow you to further profit. And then there’s the Federal Investment Tax Credit or ITC. The ITC is like an IRS gift card! Can’t use the tax credit because you have no tax liability? That’s fine too, we’ll show you how you can leverage that tax benefit through a third party.

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