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Rising Energy Rates

In 2022, many energy providers indicated that the rates for energy were going to rise in the coming year. News stories appeared warning that rates could double or triple for some consumers. While a number of factors contribute to higher energy bills, it’s clear that the major cause of the increase is our dependence on fossil fuels like natural gas and coal.

More than half the electricity generated in 2020 came from natural gas and coal according to the US Energy Information Administration. Less than 20% of the electric is generated by renewable energy sources. 

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How Can Renewable Energy Help?

Utility companies have depended on fossil fuel for decades. But it’s supply is limited so the cost will always increase as the supply is used up. Fortunately, a growing number of Americans have discovered how to tap into renewable energy through Community Solar. They have lowered their dependence on fossil fuel…and lowered their electric bills, too! Electricity generated from the sun costs much less than fossil fuels and even on cloudy days, solar panels are able to generate electricity! 

How Does Community Solar Work?

Community Solar is a state-regulated program that allows business owners and residential customers to financially benefit from solar panel farms developed and funded by others. Qualified applicants become exclusive members without making any upfront investment. Subscribers who enroll in Community Solar earn solar credits on their utility bill and over the course of one year, typically save about 1 month of free electricity. They can also take comfort in knowing they are helping not only their wallet but also the planet by investing in solar energy.

A Sunny Location

Any sunny location that receives at least 3.5 hours of sunlight per day is suitable for generating clean, renewable energy.

Solar Farms

Solar farms capture sunshine and convert it into electricity. Solar panels work every day…even on cloudy days…to create endless electricity.

Utility Company

Electricity from solar farms is carried through the grid to your local utility company where credits are assigned based on your space on the solar farm.

Homes and Local Businesses

Community Solar subscribers receive the credits at a discount, supporting green energy, creating a cleaner planet, and most important…saving money.

I Got This . . . How Do I Get Started?

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