Installation & Maintenance

“What is the process?”

Getting solar is so much easier than you might think. Your tasks are very limited. The process flows as such…

  1. Initial discussion, in which you provide a recent, full copy of your electric bill to our experienced solar consultant. Assessing your situation and needs, and your applicable options, together we will formulate the best solar adoption plan. (If you are applying for a community solar farm PPA, you will complete an application at this time.) UNDERSTAND YOUR OPTIONS
  2. Information discussed goes to our in-house designers who create a PV design for your property.
  3. With a second meeting, our experienced solar consultant will present your design(s) and a proposal. (If this is for a community solar farm, this is when you review the proposal and sign the agreement – you are done. If you are buying, leasing or getting a mounted installation PPA, this is when you say, “I am going to save THAT much money. YES!”, and with your conditional approval, a survey is scheduled.
  4. Our pleasant Surveyor will arrive at your home….by which to get exact measurements, take Sun Eye measurements (to measure light hitting the roof), conduct a roof inspection, and check that your electric panel is up to snuff. The surveyor will take all data and upload to the designer, who will tweak the design for maximum efficiency. If you are buying a system and will use a loan, this is a good time to give copies of your last three-years’ tax returns so your solar planner can begin to shop for a solar lender.
  5. While awaiting your final design, if you plan to purchase a system, now is a good time to check with your local bank, while your solar planner also helps you find solar lenders that coordinate with Solar On Earth.
  6. Your solar consultant visits a third time to present your final design, and providing you are satisfied, you sign an EPC agreement, submit a deposit, and sign “interconnection” applications for your grid utility provider. (If you are leasing or using a PPA, you sign the applicable agreement at this point. If you are paying cash for an installation, you will provide a deposit for $1000, plus 30% of the purchase cost. If you are purchasing with a loan, you provide a $1000 deposit, then an additional 30% when you loan funds.)
  7. With the completion of the 30% purchase deposit, or the signing of your lease or PPA agreement, Solar On earth will apply for electrical and building permits and apply for “utility interconnection pre-approval”. Once these have been acquired…
  8. Components are ordered, such as panels (we in the industry call them “modules”, but that does not make us weird – other stuff makes us weird), inverters, racks and wires. At this point, we book a soft appointment to install your system. Once these components have arrived…
    …we install your system. A typical home system is usually done in one day.
  9. Next, Solar On Earth orders inspections by both your municipality and grid utility company.
  10. When both inspections are completed, your utility provider will finally change your electrical meter head to a “net-meter” head, and will issue “permission to operate” (PTO). This means your system can be switched-on. SUCCESS!

All told, while project completion times can vary for numerous reasons, a typical home solar project takes about two-to-four months, conservatively, while commercial projects run four to six months or greater. Your involvement is limited to meeting with your solar planner, obtaining the loan if you’ll use one, signing a few documents, having an adult handy for the surveyor to do his/her work, and having an adult on-hand for the installation.

Not bad, considering our customers save anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars!

15 Year Workmanship Guarantee

We offer our customers an unprecedented 15 year workmanship guarantee. SOE maintains every system we install and we make sure that every system is operating at peak efficiency. SOE offers free maintenance for the first 15 years.

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