Solar is Affordable

“Why Now and Why Here”?

Massachusetts has arguably the best solar incentives in the nation. Add to that the Federal Investment Tax Credit for solar, plus the energy savings, and you’ll easily see why so many of your neighbors (and business competitors) have adopted solar. The return-on-investment will put a smile on your accountant’s mug, and ton of money into your bank account. But…solar incentives do not last forever. The sooner you get solar the sooner the environment will thank you!

Did you know each kilowatt hour of solar power eliminates an estimated 1.6 pounds of fossil fuel? In fact, the average small business produces an estimated 50,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. This calculates to 55,300 pounds of CO2 emission avoided per year. The 55,300 pounds of CO2 that our solar system offsets every year is equivalent to the carbon absorbing capability of about 286 trees!

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