Commercial Solar Services

Not all solar is created equal!

Each State has its own set of governing rules, which prevent many other States from making solar viable. Massachusetts has been a top 3 solar friendly State for several years. At SOE our goal is to take each customer from “not knowing to knowing” exactly what each business or building owners benefits will be.

There is a paradigm shift in solar. No longer are panels clanky and inefficient, no longer is solar cost prohibitive, and no longer is solar a risk. It’s definitive, it’s efficient, and it’s a smart choice for your business.

Solar has become a true investment! Like any good investment there is a return on investment or ROI. Let our SOE Commercial Consultants show you exactly how from year one you will earn the following benefits:

  1. An offset on your electric bill depending on the size of your array, you can actually eliminate your entire bill.
  2. Massachusetts incentives will pay you to go Solar! That’s real tangible $$ that pays you a significant amount back of your solar investment.
  3. You own a business and chances are each year you have a year-end tax liability. Most business aren’t aware that our Federal Government will provide you a 30% Tax Credit for the cost of the installation. (Installation cost $50,000 = a $15,000 tax credit) It’s like an IRS gift card!
  4. Depreciation. You can depreciate the entire system of a five year period. Consult your tax advisor for the specific details.
  5. Easy no hassle financing allow for in many cases not a dollar to come out of your pocket.
  6. Hedge against time and inflation… As energy costs rise and they will….your saving and earnings will rise year after year.
  7. Let’s not forget the environmental benefits… each kilowatt hour of solar power eliminates an estimated 1.6 pounds of CO2

Use Solar to Generate Revenue

Transform your parking lot into a micro grid with esthetically pleasing and highly functional carports or your university into a sustainable renewable energy center. Turn your unusable or under-developed land into revenue generator. Our energy consultants and managing partners have countless hours of designing, developing and delivering solar solutions across all platforms. These range from warehouse distributors, property management groups, schools, restaurants, and various non­profits.

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