Bringing Solar Down to Earth

You do not have to own your property to qualify.

Solar without panels: there is nothing to put on your roof and no upfront costs or fees.

Save money on your utility bill; typically up to 1 month free.

This is a legit 5 star company. I signed up for 4 of my businesses and started saving thousands of $ each month. They have great people working for them, very responsive and helpful.


Commercial Solar Overview

Searching for a commercial solar company? Community Solar provides businesses access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy generation regardless of the physical attributes or ownership of your business. Commercial community solar allows small businesses, organizations, municipalities, and others to receive credit on their electric bills for the power produced from their portion of a solar array, offsetting their electric costs.

What you get from Commercial Community Solar

Increasingly, solar has become a true investment. And like any good investment, there is an expectation for a return on that investment (ROI). Whether solar can offer you a sufficient ROI depends on a number of factors:

1. Reduced Electric Bill: How much of your electric costs can be offset? In some cases, the answer may be all of it.

2. Clean, Renewable Energy: Reduce your CO2 emissions by choosing solar energy.

3. Support Local Solar Farms: By supporting local solar farms, you are supporting rural communities and farmers.

Love working with Solar on Earth – made it easy for me to save money – and isn’t that goal?  Great work!!



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