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Based only an hour outside of Boston Massachusetts, we are dedicated to providing Community Solar Solutions to not just MA, but also Maryland, New York and the Greater New England Area. Is Solar Power the right choice for you? We’d love to help you find out! Unlike most solar companies who only offer a single solution, Solar On Earth strives to identify the solution that best fits your circumstance.


Property Leasing

Own property that is under-producing or producing no revenue at all? Would you like to turn your rooftop into a revenue stream? If so, entering into a solar lease may be right for you.


Community Solar

Thought you couldn’t participate in the solar movement without installing a system on your roof or property? With community solar now you can.

Commercial Solar

Solar technology has come a long way and the cost of panels has declined dramatically. See if solar is a smart financial and environmental choice for your business.

Why Go Solar

Two reasons: to save money and help the environment. See how going solar can help you do both.

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Whether you own or rent, our experienced team of solar specialists can help you to start taking advantage of the cost and environmental benefits of solar.


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