Solar On Earth is Truly Local

We are a Massachusetts company so we know Massachusetts neighborhoods, building styles, codes, and regulations. As critical, we know what’s important to the people who live here.

We Offer an Array of Solutions

Most solar companies offer one product or service. That means that they try to fit you into the “box.” At Solar On Earth we are knowledgeable in all facets of the solar industry. With our customer-centric focus that means we strive to identify the solution that is best for you, not best for us.

Clear Financial Options

Investing in solar can be a daunting financial decision. That why we present clear, side-by-side comparisons on all the financial options – from financing to Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs).

No Pressure Consultations

We have many years of experience in solar power so if you have a question, we can answer it. The solar industry is still in its early stage and with that comes a need to educate and inform.  Our approach is to provide relaxed, informed consultations because we believe that an educated consumer is our best customer.