Community Solar in Hagerstown

Lower your Electric Bill and Go Green!

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How Community Solar Works

Renewable Energy in Hagerstown with Community Solar

Discover the benefits of opting into renewable energy in Hagerstown with Solar On Earth’s Community Solar program. Access renewable energy regardless of your property type—residential or commercial, rental or ownership—without the need for rooftop panels. Start saving on your utility bills and reduce carbon emissions today.

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They are great to work with and very understanding to my needs.


Who Benefits from Community Solar in Hagerstown, Maryland?

Join the increasing number of Hagerstown residents and businesses benefiting from Community Solar programs by Solar On Earth. With options tailored for Potomac Edison customers, you can enjoy solar energy savings without rooftop panels. Embrace the Hagerstown community’s commitment to sustainability and cost-saving with Community Solar.

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Who Benefits from Community Solar in Hagerstown, Maryland?

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Each red marker indicates a Solar On Earth client who is actively receiving benefits from a Community Solar project in Maryland.

What is Community Solar?

Solar On Earth’s Community Solar presents an opportunity for Hagerstown residents and businesses to access financial rewards from solar panel farms funded by others. Eligible participants can join as exclusive members without any upfront costs.

Enrollment in Community Solar earns subscribers solar credits on their utility bills, translating to approximately one month of free electricity annually. Make the eco-friendly choice and start saving today!

What are the Benefits of Community Solar?

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Go Green

With Community Solar, your electricity comes from a solar panel farm, reducing reliance on fossil fuels like coal or oil, making it cleaner and renewable.

Save Money

Your savings accumulate and remain locked in as long as you’re on the Community Solar farm, even as utility rates increase over time.

No Investment

The solar panel farm owners cover all maintenance expenses, and your only financial responsibility is to continue paying your utility bill as usual.

No Equipment

No need for any installations on your property to benefit from the dollar savings and environmental advantages of solar power.

How much can you save on electric in Hagerstown?

Why Choose Solar On Earth?

Solar On Earth (SOE) is driven by the mission to promote Community Solar and make clean, renewable energy accessible to all. SOE partners with the industry’s leading developers of Community Solar projects in Hagerstown and across the nation, connecting consumers with programs that lower their electricity expenses. Our primary focus is on serving our clients and providing them with education on energy options.

Over 20,000 individuals, businesses, and organizations have enrolled in Community Solar programs and realized savings on their electric bills with Solar On Earth’s assistance. Our dedicated Client Services team ensures that you receive the savings you qualify for and addresses any questions you might have. Our goal is to offer you the finest experience as you transition to solar energy, save money, and contribute to a greener planet for future generations.


“I had an extremely easy time enrolling…and have started seeing my monthly savings. I have recommended a number of friends and family to get in touch…as a result of the positive experience I’ve had.”


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