Solar Services

We are the “one stop shop” across all solar solutions.

Our expertise in solar development runs the gamut – whether it’s wind or shading issues, solar panel placement, install inquiries, or even rental or leasing constraints. We work well beyond the traditional rooftop model and offer multiple solar solutions including carports, ground mounts, and community solar farms.

Residential Solar Services

Ever talk to a homeowner that wan’t interested in lowering their utility costs? What most people don’t realize is that almost everyone can access the cost-saving benefits of solar. That’s because today there are an array of options.

Our job is to take a customer from not knowing to knowing. Our Solar Specialists can guide you through the process of determining which solar solution is best for your particular situation. We do this because at Solar On Earth we believe that an educated customer is our best customer.

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Commercial Solar Services

There is a paradigm shift in solar. No longer are panels unsightly and inefficient. No longer is solar cost prohibitive. And no longer is solar a risky decision. The technology is efficient and the savings are definitive. In other words – solar is a smart choice for your business. In a business environment where every penny counts, ignoring the benefits of solar means sacrificing valuable financial resources.

At Solar On Earth we will help you explore all the alternatives to identify the solution that’s best for your particular business or building.

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Community Solar

Have you been told you can’t go solar?
Own a business but you don’t own the building?
Aren’t fond of having equipment on your facility?
Want instant and guaranteed savings? At no cost to you!

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Solar Farms

Solar farms (sometimes known as solar parks or solar fields) are the large-scale application of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate green, clean electricity at scale, usually to feed into the grid. You might think only big utility companies can profit from solar farms. But in Massachusetts the opportunity exists for land owners across the state to benefit from either owning their own solar farm, or generating an income through a long-term property lease.

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Installation & Maintenance

Getting solar is so much easier than you might think because we do most of the work.  While project completion times vary depending upon site conditions, a typical residential solar project takes conservatively about two to four months while commercial projects can run four to six months or longer. Your involvement is limited to meeting with your solar planner, obtaining the loan if you’ll require one, signing a few documents, being available to allow a surveyor to do his/her work, and having someone on-hand during the installation.

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Financing Options

Most solar installers offer you one choice. That may be good for them but it often doesn’t result in maximizing the benefit to the consumer. Our mission at Solar On Earth is to offer a full range of solar solutions. At Solar On Earth we pride ourselves on educating our customers an exploring all their options to find the one that best fits their needs.

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