Community solar is now available in Maine. Although it was established by the Maine General Assembly in 2015; LD1430, the new Maine Act allows Maine to deliver a reboot to community solar. We are getting many questions about community solar in Maine so here are the things you should know:

1. What will you start to see in your area?

Shared solar or community solar farms have already broken ground. You will continue to see developers and farmers partnering up in order to promote solar energy for Maine residents. Click below to find a local solar farm and find out if you qualify today:

 2. How do you participate in community solar?

With community solar, anyone who resides or operates a business in the Central Maine Power Utility zone might qualify for community solar in Maine. The great thing about community solar is that you do not need to put any solar panels on your rooftop, there are no upfront cost or maintenance fees and you do not need to own your home or business to participate. All you need to do is text SOLCLUB to 77222 or visit to find a solar farm near you. 

3. What does this mean for you? 

If you are a Maine resident, this is great news for you! Over 75% of Americans cannot put solar panels on their roof for different reasons. With community solar, you can now save money on your utility bill and go green by reducing your emissions by joining a local solar farm. 


This bill now allows Maine to join the masses in New England for community solar projects and with this new act, Maine also modernizes and clarifies what constitutes renewable energy while setting goals alongside the rest of New England for lofty energy goals. Maine is looking to achieve 80% renewable energy generation by 2030 and 100% by 2050. Find out if you qualify for Community Solar in Maine today.