What you have been told about solar might not be the full truth. Solar has changed and evolved over the years and what you don’t know could cost you money. How do you know what will work for your home or business? How is community solar different than rooftop solar or other alternative energy solutions? Let’s find out!


Not all solar is created equally. There are different kinds of solar programs and not all of them are right for you. There is rooftop solar, which is for both residential and commercially owned properties. This is the most traditional in the sense that everyone knows about it. You pay to place solar panels on your rooftop and you reap the benefits on your utility bill as well as helping reduce your carbon footprint. 

The Real Deal

There is no catch. Community Solar programs – like many renewable energy programs – are supported through a “renewable energy” charge paid each month by every utility ratepayer within a state. Subscribing to Community Solar allows you to receive a return on the money that you have been paying into these various environmental programs.

What to look for on your bill ( see left image) is the “renewable energy charge”. It may not be much but you have been, and will continue to pay into this program as long as you pay your utility bill. Why not take advantage of the benefit?


If you are interested in learning more about Community Solar, we can help. One of our Community Solar experts will reach out to you with additional information on any opportunities in your area.