Community Solar is something more people are becoming aware of as each state sets alternative energy goals for the next 5-15 years. But what exactly is it and is it a good idea? 

What is Community Solar?

Community solar allows you to receive your electricity from solar instead of from fossil fuels. Subscribers can choose to opt into a local solar farm. Once you have opted in, you will receive credits on your electric bill for the electricity generated by the solar farm.

Who can benefit from Community Solar?

Simply put, anyone can benefit from community solar. The program is offered because your state has goals in place in order to move the majority of power from fossil fuels to solar energy. There are solar farms being created all over the country and once they are built, you can benefit from solar energy at no out-of-pocket expense. You can participate in community solar if you are a homeowner, renter, or business owner. Find out more about community solar and if there is a farm near where you live today. 

Is Community Solar a good deal?

Community solar is a great deal! It is great if you have been looking to save money on your utility bill or to use solar energy vs. fossil fuels. It is also a great deal if you cannot afford rooftop solar, or rooftop solar will not work on your home or business, or even in addition to rooftop solar. The benefit of community solar is that you can subscribe to community solar even if you are using other alternative energy solutions. 

Overall, is Community Solar a good idea?

Community solar is a great idea! Community solar will save you money on your utility bill each month, typically saving you the equivalent of one month worth of your electricity bill over the course of a year.  If community solar is something you are interested in, reach out to Solar On Earth today to see if you qualify today.