Community Solar fosters the production of clean energy by offering the opportunity to support renewable solar energy to everyone regardless of income, or whether they rent or own a property. The clean renewable energy produced by community solar farms replaces energy that would otherwise be produced by fossil fuels. The end result is lower emissions of greenhouse gases and a cleaner environment. Subscribers to Community Solar have additional benefits. Here are 4 benefits of community solar:

1. No home. No problem.

The first benefit of community solar speaks for itself. There are thousands of people who want to help the environment and save some money but cannot do it because they don’t own their home or business. Community solar allows you to take advantage of state-funded alternative energy goals without putting solar panels on your rooftop.

2. No upfront costs or maintenance

Unlike rooftop solar that can cost thousands of dollars and require maintenance, there is no upfront cost with community solar. Even if you own your home or business, you still might not be able to afford or want to pay for the cost of rooftop solar. Find out if you can take advantage today.

3. Less pollution

With every community solar farm, the US will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and reduce its collective dependence on fossil fuel. One solar panel is about 20x cleaner than your typical utility provider and a community solar project typically has at least 3,500 panels. 

Our goal is to enroll 50,000 community solar subscribers over the next five years. In doing so, we’ll help the US reduce its carbon emissions through the addition of 250 solar farms, avoiding the equivalent of 274 million pounds of coal. 

4. Cheaper utility bill

This may be the icing on the cake. The biggest benefits with community solar are as listed above but in addition to those, you will save a little money on your utility bill. It is not difficult to sign up for community solar and once you do, the community solar farm produces the alternative energy that allows you to save money. 


Alternative energy is a growing movement that is only getting more critical to our environment.  It is a certainty that most state governments are placing emphasis on and it is something you are already paying on your utility bill. Clean energy/Alternative energy is a small way for you to help the environment but also save money…who doesn’t like a win/win?