Usually when you think of solar energy the first thought is its positive environmental impact. But there is another benefit: job growth.  Did you know that the number of people working in clean energy now outnumber fossil fuel workers by a factor of three to one?

According to E2’s 2019 Clean Jobs America analysis clean jobs total 3.26 million with 110,000 net new jobs created last year alone. Solar energy account for almost 335,000 of those jobs. Over the last decade the solar workforce has grown over 150%.

And the northeast in on the forefront of this growth. Massachusetts and New York rank third and fourth respectively in the country in terms of the number of solar jobs. The two states combined boast 1,400 companies that have contributed to installing over 4,000 MW of solar capacity. That’s enough energy from the sun to power almost 700,000 homes.

It’s safe to say that solar is no longer a fringe technology.  Overall, the industry has invested $17 billion in the American economy. And one of the fastest growing areas in the solar market is community solar. Community solar – which allows everyone to go green by subscribing to a solar farm – has doubled in size in each of the past three years. But despite the growth, the demand to participate in community solar programs far outstrips the supply.

Why is community solar so popular? Because of its simplicity. Participating in community solar requires no investment and there’s nothing to install.

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